Youngshik Kim, PhD, Associate Professor

I am a director of Intelligent Control and Robotic Systems Laboratory in the department of Mechanical Engineering at the Hanbat National University, Daejon, Korea. My primary research topics are controls and robotic systems for advanced mobility and manipulation. I earned my PhD and MS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. For more information see my Curriculum Vitae (CV).

  • Education

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, USA, 2008
MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, USA, 2003
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Inha University, Korea, 1996

  • Research Interests.

Motion control, sensor fusion, SMA actuators and their applications, and robotics (manipulator and mobile robots: biologically inspired, hybrid, legged, wheeled, soft)

  • Selected Past Work Experiences (이전 주요 경력)

대구경북과학기술원 선임연구원/ Senior Researcher, DGIST, Daegu, Korea
방위사업청 사무관/ Deupty Director (government senior official), DAPA, Seoul, Korea
Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Utah, SLC, USA



Current Research Fellows


  • Hussein F. M. Ali, PhD (Post-doctoral researcher, 2019-) 
    Main Projects: Road-tire Friction Estimation, Configurable Exoskeleton





  • Abdul M. Khan, PhD (Post-doctoral researcher, 2019-) 
    Main Projects: Deep Learning-based SMA Robot Control and Manipulation





  • New Postdoc Fellow, PhD (Post-doctoral researcher, TAB) 
    Main Projects: TBA





Past Research Fellows

  • Taesoo Jang (장태수) (Research Associate, 2017-2019)

Main Projects: Bio-inspired SMA actuators and robots

Expertise in LabView, RT H/W (NI CompactRIO), Design of Circuits, Experimental Validation




  • Taeho Jang (장태호) (Research Associate, 2015-2019, Deceased) 
    Main Projects: Bio-inspired robots, Mobile Robots, Sensor fusion
    Expertise in CAD, SolidWorks, Computer-aided Mechanical Design, LabView, Matlab/Simulink, Micro-controller (Arduino), Experimental Evaluation, Controller Design, Kalman filtering



  • Hema Gurung, PhD (Post-doctoral researcher, 2017-2018) 

Main Projects: Bio-inspired SMA Actuators
Currently Assistant Professor at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, India




  • Hyuntae Kim 김현태 (Research Associate, 2020)






  • Nader A. Mansour, PhD (Post-doctoral researcher, 2018-2020) 
    Main Projects: Bio-inspired SMA Actuators and applications