SMA-Based Smart Actuator

  • SMA Torsional Actuator
  • SMA Bidirectional Torsional Actuator
  • Hybrid Actuator

Thermal charicterizationThermal response

Biologically Inspired Robots

  • Dexterous Robotic  Hand

  • Soft Robot (Inchworm, Rolling, Insect-like robot)

Inchworm robot



  • Wheel-Leg Robot

Wheel-leg robot   


Compliantly coupled multi-robotic system


  • Water Strider Robot


  • Compliantly Framed Moduler Robot


Fundamental and Advanced Research on Control of Mobile Robots

  • Modeling and Motion Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots (WMRs)



  • Modeling and Motion Control of Legged Robots

  • Sensor Fusion for Localization

Vision Sensing Vision setup



Other Robotic Systems

  • Personal Mobility (Unicycle, Segway)
  • Drone (Quad-copter)
  • Inverted Pendulum Robot

  • Robot Arm
  • Industrial Applications