Hybrid Wheel-leg Mobile Robot: funded by Korean MEST

    • Hybrid mobility of biologically inspired mobile robots
    • Walking and running using compliant passive joints
    • hybrid mobile robot

Calibration-less trailer backing: funded by Kairos Autonomi co. and the University of Utah

    • System identification
    • Autonomous control
    • Red Rover


    • A steering algorithm for the vehicle


Nonholonomic control and motion planning: funded by NSF

    • Developed new kinematic motion control laws for wheeled mobile robots
    • Extended the control strategy for the multi-robot coordination using the Compliant Framed Modular wheeled Mobile Robot (CFMMR).
    • Studied several different multi-robot configurations and their control algorithms.
    • Evaluated controllers in hardware in loop using a dSPACE DS1103 system and Matlab/ Simulink.
    • CFMMR serial

A ball-throwing robot arm: funded by University of Utah

    • Designed and evaluated a robust controller for the robot arm.
    • Implemented the controller to the robot using a dSPACE DS1103 system and Matlab/ Simulink.
    • ball throwing robot




  • Development of an Antenna Positioner System (funded by Korea Small Business Administration)

Antenna Positioner

  • Development of a Ball-Grinding Machine (funded by Korea Small Business Administration)